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"In The Chips" Windshield Repair Marketing Book

Rated 5 Stars

"This Book is Essential!....Jason Caldon, Texas"


Letter From the Author


From the Desk of: Martin Collins
Creator of the SUPERGLASS Systems
and Author of In The Chips-Marketing Windshield Repair

Dear Entrepreneur,


Thank you for your interest in this book!

This book gives you step-by-step, hands-on marketing tools that will give you what you need to make "CEO-Level" money starting the day you get it.

But, don't be fooled. It takes a smart approach in order to do that. You will need the EXACT strategies that I have already "field tested and perfected", you'll need a "proven system".

This book is full of working ways, "systems" that work! (there are plenty of things that DON'T work, believe me, I know most of those too and I share with you ways to avoid those).

And, if you are already a seasoned windshield repair professional or just starting out, I can guarantee there are things in this book that will take your business to new levels.

Order this book now and you'll gain immediate access to it.

Then start using it today! (if it were me, I'd start with chapter 6 - but I'm sure you'll find out what works best for you, it's all here!)


ORDER IT NOW! Good Luck and Happy Chippin!

Warmest Regards,


P.S. Here's to working Smarter! If it isn't everything I say it is, I'll send your money back. No questions asked.

P.S.S. UPDATE, BRAND NEW START UP - July 26, 2011: Just got back from Chicago last week and did a little one on one training with a couple who just started rock chip repair and wanted a some "hands on" training. They have a copy of my book and within the first 30 minutes, they said. "This is EXACTLY the way you described it in your book, we are so glad we got to see you in person and understand it better" - I try to emphasize in the book, that in the chapters where I show certain dialouge or tell you what I say when I talk to others, it IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAY AND IT BRINGS RESULTS! I always say, after you start see results, you can then add your own flair, you'll probably find better ways to do it than I have!.......but hey, I do know that what I do, works, so in the beginning, follow it to a tee!

September 4, 2010: Last week my 20 year old son Alex, was looking for a new job and wanted to learn the business, we sat up on the computer, registered him as a business with the IRS (for tax Id#) and the state (for his business name, so he could get a checking account) and then filled in blanks (his new business name etc) on invoices and flyers templates (included with the book) We then had OfficeMax print him out 50 of each (under $50 total) to get started (they do 3-part invoices in-house!) and I took him out the next day using the techniques in this book (chapter 6 only) and his first day, he made $423.37 Profit in 4 hours!! WITH BRAND NEW CUSTOMERS NEITHER OF US KNEW BEFORE THAT DAY! He was blown away and wondered why he has been wasting his time on $10-$15 dollar an hour jobs. (he had NEVER fixed a single rock chip prior to his first day!) Changed his world!


Thanks Mike for sharing your story!

Learn How To Make $300 a Day or More Doing Windshield Repairs

July - 2010

Your business model of windshield repair is a perfect fit for me. Thanks for making starting this new business so easy!

The information in your book and audio book has answered all of my questions and helped get rid of all of my apprehensions! This stuff is great!

Thank you so much for everything already it has been a great help.

Michael D Lutz II

20 Chapters of Proven SYSTEMS
of How To Get Windshield Repair Business

Easy STEP-BY-STEP Instructions!


Here's a Sneak Peek at What You'll Find Inside...

Earn Over $11,000 a Month Using my strategies in Chapter 6 without hiring ANY employees.


Learn How to GUARANTEE that you will Always Reach Your Goals by how you reward yourself. Hemingway did it.


How to Use Your Local Food Franchises to promote your business with the BOG cards.


Learn How businesses in your local area can bring you an unreal amount of immediate and constant business!


Learn the Secrets to Building Your Own Telephone Outreach program, scripts and all included.


You will learn how to successfully partner with local HR directors of medium to large companies to increase your profits.


You'll discover the smart way to advertise and what NOT to do. The Internet is here to stay and the Yellow Pages and ValPacks, well.....

Sample Invoice Templates, Letters, Flyers, Etc.
All the paperwork is included! Pre-designed, ready to edit!


You will find out everything out about getting paid for doing windshield replacements and never do one yourself.


You will discover how to get insurance agents to send you their referrals, even though they insist on dealing with "established repair shops".


Tired of waiting for business to come to you? You will find out EXACTLY how to build a successful business by creating a route to follow everyday.


You will also find out how to plan your business profits in advance and quit accepting "whatever is left over".


Learn how to DOMINATE GOOGLE listings and get windshield repair jobs! Be on Page ONE or forget it!

Plus More.............


 Here's What Others Are Saying..............

Thanks For Sending This in Ricardo!

windshield repair business client

July - 2010
Hi Martin,

Your manual is AWESOME! I constantly refer to it. It's nice having the book to go back to easily.

I also downloaded the audio version of IN THE CHIPS. It was totally easy so I can listen to it working out and on the go.

Just wanted to say thanks again.   I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks again and take care!

Ricardo Rosales
Account Manager
Quick Fixx Services
Orange County, CA
Email: quickfixxservices@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.freechiprepairs.com

and more............


"This Book is Essential!"

"THIS BOOK IS ESSENTIAL! One Chapter was worth more than I paid for the book! I have to say without a doubt your book is a winner Martin. Even if you aren't in the windshield business (yet) or even if you never plan on it.........this book and all the lessons of how to handle yourself is well worth it. Thanks"
Jason Caldon - Texas

"Its My Bible"

"Thank You so much for your windshield repair book.
I carry it everywhere I go, its my Bible"

John Kleiver - Indiana

"It Is Great and It Works"

"I did exactly what you said in your book and all I can say is,
it is great and it works!
Cindy Johnson - Washington

"It's Awesome...Good Work"

"Your book it's awesome! It covers everything I personally would want to know! Good work! I make so much more doing this than I did as a painter."
Jack Wilson - Pennsylvania

"Well Done and Thank You"

"Wow! I have never seen a more thorough book on windshield chip repair marketing. Covers all areas well and in detail. Well done and thank you for taking time to do it" GET THIS BOOK!
Christina Blackman - Illinois

"Most Comprehensive Smart Book"

"I bought your windshield repair book last month and love it. It coached me through this whole process. Most comprehensive smart book you'll ever read. "
Doug Kuzma - Virginia






"Great Marketing Tools"

Hi I really enjoyed your book and read it straight through after I downloaded it. It was an easy read with lots of information for a novice like me. Great marketing tools and example forms too! Perfect!
Bill Tabor - Oregon

"I Made Money the First Day"

Thanks Martin for the informative book. The forms are great and the information is detailed enough that I made money the first day I had it. This book will help in many aspects of my business here in Tennessee. Thanks for your research and time to put it all together.
Kevin Thayne - Tennessee

"You Get Right to The Point"

This is great! You get right to the point in this book. It is full of the "meat" necessary to make repairs more profitable. Again well done. My dad is doing repairs too! Thank you.
Derek Jones - UltraGlass Repair, Utah

"Worth Many Times The Price"

A valuable collection of timely concepts. It is worth many times the price you are asking. I highly recommend this book! By using the techniques in just one chapter, we increased our net profits by close to 100K in the first year!
Craig Hansen - PDQ Lube Centers



"IN THE CHIPS" BOOK Comes With a
100% NO-RISK Money Back Guarantee



In The Chips - Windshield Repair Marketing Book 

  • This book is just like having a back-stage pass to the real world of successful windshield repair businesses (your own).
  • You will learn how to find customers and how to maintain a highly profitable windshield repair business that will make you hundreds of dollars daily....
  • It gets down to the essentials of getting customers. What do I do every day? Do I go to car lots, fleet managers, put up a tent, use yellow pages, businesses???, where? Where do I find repeat customers?
  • All these questions are answered in a simple and clear way - PERFECT FOR the beginning repair technician OR SEASONED PROFESSIONAL - Written in easy to understand, layman's terms, so you can get right to work using these strategies immediately...
  • Includes ready to use hands-on tools, including, FORMS, INVOICE TEMPLATES, DIAGRAMS, LETTERS, STRATEGIES, Etc.
  • It takes the guess work out of what to do every day.You get a complete description of exactly what to say, who to say it to and it will help you identify exactly what not to do! All in terms everyone can understand
  • Plus a lot more...............



The book and all the bonuses is only $47!



2 BONUSES INCLUDED FREE- BUY NOW and you will also receive:

BONUS #1 - iPod & MP3 Version - The Complete Book in AUDIO format including a NEW SECTION on Internet Marketing and how to DOMINATE GOOGLE AND the search engines (Includes tips on how to make simple home videos for the web).

NOTE: There are only 10 ORGANIC spots on PageONE of Google for windshield repair in your area, you'd better be on PageONE or forget it......AS YOU KNOW, almost no one goes on to page two.

Plus the AUDIO version includes a lot of extra commentary from each chapter.

BONUS #2 - A Special "Doing Business" REPORT that tells you what Equipment to buy. Which resins I recommend. How to do your billing. How to deal with the insurance companies. How to handle insurance billing (including sample invoices). How to deal with the "networks" and a whole lot more............




Unconditional Money Back Guarantee


That’s right. If, after reviewing In The Chips - the Complete Guide to Windshield Repair Marketing, you are not satisfied for ANY reason ... or for no reason at all … just let us know within 8 weeks, and we'll will refund your money. That's a Full 2 months!



So, what are you waiting for? Isn't it time to start making more money today?

Within a week or so, you could be making a CEO level income!



Get your copy for ....ONLY $47.00

(less than what you'll make on 1 repair!)
Includes Bonuses worth over $276.00

Try it RISK-FREE for 60 Days!

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About the Author: Martin Collins is the leading international authority on windshield repair marketing. He has taught windshield repair marketing in all 50 states and 6 foreign countries and has successfully built his own highly profitable windshield repair business.

He invented the Superglass Windshield Repair System (which he later sold) and introduced windshield repair to Jiffy Lube International and the Car Wash industry nationwide. He is the author of many articles on marketing windshield repair services.

He has been a featured speaker at national conventions. He has also been featured on the cover of national industry magazines and wrote the national best seller, IN THE CHIPS, now in it's 2nd printing. It is full of proven ways to successfully market windshield repair services with over 20 chapters of the best ways to succeed in the auto glass business.


Please Note: This is a downloadable book. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download the book as well as the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Links to Audio Version on are the last page of the Book.




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You'll be surprised to learn that those who advertise the most (or have their own forums) DON'T always have the best systems or people you'd wanna do business with!

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PLEASE NOTE: This book will help you if you are just starting out or a seasoned windshield repair professional. If you are all set up and no where to go - this book is for you. If you frustrated with working for someone else and looking to start making real money, on your terms and your time, this book is for you. This book is for those who are willing to take ACTION! If that's you, Congratulations! Unfortunately many people who order this book don't use it for one reason or another and because of that don't make much money. Don't let that be YOU! Take advantage of this ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE OFFER
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